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About The Bill

The Freedom to Vote Act is the strongest, most comprehensive democracy bill we’ve seen in decades.

The Freedom to Vote Act would make a MAJOR difference: for our right to vote, for everyday people’s power against big money, for fair redistricting and an end to gerrymandering, and for a government that truly works for every single American.

The Freedom to Vote Act expands access to voting for all eligible Americans…

by setting fair, national standards such as a guaranteed two weeks of early voting; automatic voter registration; vote-by-mail for all who want it, postage prepaid; voter-verified paper ballots; strict rules to prohibit purging of eligible voters from the rolls.

The Freedom to Vote Act blocks partisan and racial gerrymandering…

by creating legally enforceable standards  so politicians can’t abuse their redistricting power for their own advantage.

The Freedom to Vote Act makes democracy more transparent…

by making secret money organizations disclose their donors, making sure voters know who is trying to influence our voices and our votes, and making sure anyone who violates disclosure rules is held accountable.

The Freedom to Vote Act breaks the grip of big money in politics…

with a small-donor driven matching funds system -- to let candidates run for the House of Representatives if states opt-in without relying on special interests, and so public officials can better reflect the constituencies they serve. It also shines a light on secret-spending groups, so that voters know who is influencing their votes.

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