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See how the For the People Act has progressed through the legislative process so far -- and what’s coming up:


For the People Act is re-introduced as H.R. 1

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For the People Act announced as S.1 in the Senate

Majority Leader Schumer announces that the Senate's first bill (designated S.1) will be the For the People Act, a top legislative priority for the incoming Senate majority.

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House "Strengthening American Democracy" Hearing on H.R. 1

The House Administration Committee holds its first hearing on the For the People Act, featuring testimony from Stacey Abrams and other democracy experts.

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House passes H.R. 1

The U.S. House of Representatives passes the For the People Act with a 220-210 margin, for the second time in as many sessions of Congress.

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Senate Rules Committee Hearing

The Senate Rules Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on S 1, For the People Act -- the bill's first ever hearing in the U.S. Senate.

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