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Write Your Senators

The House of Representatives passed the strongest, most comprehensive democracy bill we’ve seen in decades.

The For The People Act (H.R. 1/S. 1) would make a MAJOR difference: for our right to vote, for everyday people’s power against big money, for fair redistricting and an end to gerrymandering, for ethics in government, and for a government that truly works for every single American.

And thanks to your advocacy and support, it just passed through the House. Now, it’s onto the Senate -- where it won the unanimous support of every member of the Senate Democratic Caucus in 2019.

So if we can get a fair up-or-down Senate vote -- with Vice President Harris as a tiebreaker if necessary -- we can send the For The People Act to President Biden’s desk and strengthen our democracy for the better.

Your voice will be even more critical at this next stage of the process -- could you please write to your senators right now and urge them to pass the For The People Act?